Principal's welcome


​​​Welcome to Virginia State School

Here at Virginia you will find a welcoming and supportive school community, high expectations for quality teaching and learning and where we value parents as partners in each child’s education.  Students at Virginia are known for their high standards of behaviour, are polite and kind and are curious participants in their own learning.

Staff, both teaching and non-teaching, at Virginia are dedicated professionals who seek to engage students in a range of educational experiences that encourage them to be their very best. We are all very proud of our school and continually strive to improve outcomes for all students in a range of areas.

As principal of Virginia, I truly believe that all children can achieve and every child matters every day.

This belief has allowed us as a team to set strong foundations for our students entering prep and continuing across all year levels. Virginia is a high performing school and while our academic success is important it is not our only focus.

At Virginia the child comes first. A focus on the whole child supports an inclusive and nurturing environment for all areas of a child’s development including social-emotional and cognitive skills to literacy, numeracy and science understanding.

We believe the combining of all of these aspects helps students to always try their best, see themselves as learners and believe they are good at what they do, with each aspect key for students to reach their potential.

We have a diverse range of students who are well catered for by various teams and programs such as:
•    EALD (English as an Additional Language and Dialect) program
•    Our Inclusion Team which supports all students from those with a disability to those requiring support and extension
•    LOTE (Japanese) program
•    Science Specialist program.

At Virginia our instrumental music program is a program of excellence with over 100 students participating. Our program is also extended to parents who are keen musicians and are a part of our learn to play program, ensembles, concert and stage bands. Each year our bands tour regional and remote schools to entertain and share their love of music.

Our facilities provide a rich and wonderful environment for all students in which to thrive. Our hall, swimming pool, two ovals, two new tennis courts and our nature play space are all fantastic features of our school.

Parents are encouraged to become part of the school community through many forums, events and activities. Communication between home and school is vital and we value the essential home-school partnership for improving learning outcomes.

We welcome you to Virginia and should you enrol your child here, we strongly believe you have made an excellent choice.

Tanya Abell

Last reviewed 13 October 2023
Last updated 13 October 2023